In my opinion, the MiterSet tool is the easiest to use, most accurate way to set up miter angles for cutting segments on the table saw. No more hours spent in calibration. No more fixing "gaposis". Click here to visit and learn all about it. Now Rockler has a competing product and I'm using it as well. It'll be interesting to compare them,
Segmented Turning by WDK

Segmented Turning

Design your first segmented project in 5 minutes with the Segmented Project Planner

Download Installer / Free 30 day Trial
Current Version: 4.00.0030 (3/6/2024)

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Create segmented turnings in one package
+ Segmented Project Planner
  • Feature-rich WYSIWYG designer for segmented wood lathe projects
  • 22 year history
  • In use by 5735 costomers in 54 countries, 1500 times per month
  • Create very simple to very complex objects with almost equal ease
  • Make any design you want; Not restricted to cookie cutter limitations
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible
  • Registered users get free updates
+How to Use it +Design Strategy - shape, size, wall, sides
+Construction Videos - Saw Setup, Cutting Segments, Gluing Rings, Flattening Rings
Segmented Project Planner main screen display

Some of my creations designed with the Segmented Project Planner
Lightning   Lasting Vision   Best of Show
Delf2   LaFontaine
Farb Bowls
Pencil Caddy   Mountains
Navajo Pattern   First Award - Mid-State Fair
Laser Cut Inlays   Clarence Rannefeld Revisited
Snake Pattern   Globe Lamp  
Spittoon   Best of Show - Mid-State Fair
Vortex   Weed Pot
Evil Eye   Clouds
Nested Balls  Mayan High Rise
   XMAS Present
Clobe Swirl   Sound Wall

Easily produce professional looking results with these features:
  • Use a simple starter shape to create your own vessel shape in 5 minutes. Use completed projects to make new starter shapes to use in future projects. Over 25 starter shapes provided.
  • Program provides design support for Diamonds, ZigZags, Mosaics, Open Segment, Vertical Separaters, Diamond Borders, Slicers, and Blocks.
  • Design Assistant provides multiple design cues to make it easier to design like a professional.
  • Paint any segment with an image of your choice. 55 wood pictures provided for your use.
  • Supports English/Imperial (inches) and Metric (millimeters) units
  • Describe Shape dialog simplifies creating shapes from a picture, chart, or table.
  • Shape-A-Bowl allows you to trace shapes from pictures/sketches.
  • All project renderings draw project walls using Bezier curves for smooth and graceful project profiles
  • Layer Tuner provides large-view drag-to-change with real-time view update to make the design process easier and more intuitive.
  • AutoBowl function translates outer bowl dimensions into layer diameters and segment widths
  • Supports frame miter, stave, solid, veneer, compound miter, RingMaster, open segment, and vertical separator rings
  • Calculates segment-cutting dimensions for any size ring with any number of sides
  • Calculates segment dimensions that take your personal accuracy into account
  • Calculates the length of stock needed to make each ring
  • For the complete feature list, click here.

Here is a beautiful piece created by one of our Customers, using the Segmented Project Planner

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