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12/12/2017 - Late breaking news!!

Life is almost returning to normal and the address you now see will be official on 12/20. The not quite back to normal part is that all my book copies went up in smoke and won't be replaced. BUT I still have it in PDF form. I will have DVDs again within a week.

Segmented Turning?

Design your first segmented project in 5 minutes with the Segmented Project Planner

Download Installer / Free 30 day Trial Current Version: 3.05.0049 (03/19/2017) Download Upgrade Installer
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Some of my creations designed with the Segmented Project Planner
  •  In continuous improvement since 2001, the Segmented ProjectPlanner runs on all recent versions of Microsoft Windows including 98/Me/XP/NT/2000/Vista/Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Using Wine 1.3, iMac and Linux are supported. Setting up a Windows environment on your Mac/iMac is another option.
  •  You Tube clips are provided, within the program, covering several aspects of program use as well as segmented project construction guidance, These plus tutorials and extensive help files insure all your questions are answered.
  •  Our user community is over 4699 strong in 41 countries and includes user capabilities ranging from just able to receive eMail to programmers, and yet our customer satisfaction rating is 99.8%. They use the program more than 1500 times per month.
Easily produce professional looking results with these features:
  • Use a simple starter shape to create your own vessel shape in 5 minutes. Use completed projects to make new starter shapes to use in future projects. Over 25 starter shapes provided.
  • Base program provides design support for Diamonds, ZigZags, Mosaics, Open Segment, and Vertical Separaters.
  • Design Assistant provides multiple design cues to make it easier to design like a professional.
  • Paint any segment with an image of your choice. 55 wood pictures provided for your use.
  • Supports English/Imperial (inches) and Metric (millimeters) units
  • Describe Shape dialog simplifies creating shapes from a picture, chart, or table.
  • Shape-A-Bowl allows you to trace shapes from pictures/sketches.
  • All project renderings draw project walls using Bezier curves for smooth and graceful project profiles
  • Layer Tuner provides large-view drag-to-change with real-time view update to make the design process easier and more intuitive.
  • AutoBowl function translates outer bowl dimensions into layer diameters and segment widths
  • Supports frame miter, stave, solid, veneer, compound miter, RingMaster, open segment, and vertical separator rings
  • Calculates segment-cutting dimensions for any size ring with any number of sides
  • Calculates segment dimensions that take your personal accuracy into account
  • Calculates the length of stock needed to make each ring
  • For the complete feature list, click here.
Segmented Project Planner main screen display

Software CD - $40.95
USA only
First Class 2 days - 1 week

Software CD - $48.00
non USA
First Class 1 - 2 weeks

Download - $36.95
Nearly instant gratification

Here is a beautiful piece created by one of our Customers, using the Segmented Project Planner

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