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Design your first segmented project in 5 minutes with the Segmented Project Planner. Plus free plans, hints&tips, wood costs and more.
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Get the most complete support for designing segmented projects; Click for details of the Segmented Project Planner
Get the most comprehensive
segmented design tool available
30 new segmented project designs and much more; Click for details on the Segmented Project Library
New project designs
Shapes, Zigzags, Diamonds mosaics, etc.
All about designing, building, and turning segmented projects; Click for Segmented Turning book details
189 pages, full of details
Follow a specific segmented project from design to finish; Click for Segmented Turning DVD details
120 minutes, from design to finish
Perfectly center segmented project rings; Click for Frustum/Truncated Cone details
Perfectly center layer
glue-ups every time
La Fontain

If I can help you in your segmented project, please send an email or call me. I'll do my best to help. You'll find a link to my email and my telephone number close to the top of nearly every page of this site.

In the pages described below, I try to give you ideas and assistance in developing segmented projects for the wood lathe. I invite you to investigate them thoroughly. If you're not quite sure you want to try segmented turning, click here to see why Segmented Turning is so popular.

Software: Learn all about the Segmented Project Planner. It's the most comprehensive tool available for designing segmented vessels, platters, bowls, etc. Plans: Use these free sample segmented project plan sheets to make your own turnings.
Wood Costs: Look at some representative costs of woods from several sources. I encourage you to let me know of other competitive sources you find. Gallery: Take a look at samples of some of my segmented projects. Perhaps they will inspire you in your design efforts.
User Projects: Take a look at some of the segment projects created by users of the Segmented Project Planner. There's a cross-section here that spans from very simple designs to the work of professional turners. Hints: Discover helpful items for segmented object design and construction that work for me.
What's Up: Several segmented projects where you can follow along as I design, construct, turn, and do the finishing work. Resource Index/Links: For several topics relevent to segmented turning specifically, and woodturning in general, I've collected links that should help you find what you need or give you inspiration for your own segmented project designs.
DVD: This 2 hour video takes you through all the steps needed for a successful segmented turning project. Includes design, wood selection/preparation, segment cutting, ring gluing, flattening, mounting on the lathe, turning, sanding, and finishing. FAQs: Here are answers to all kinds of questions people keep asking me. You know, things like payment options, shipping costs, program updates, use on a Mac, getting it fixed, etc.
Diamond Border Designer: I've come up with a new tool for designing variations on the Navaho blanket border pattern. It starts with a diamond (1st generation lamination).

Sample Sliced Diamond pattern
Slicer Designer: This new designer helps you slice up any design pattern and re-assemble it into something new and unusual.

Sample Sliced Design
Book: 189 pages and it's packed with color pictures to show you all the processes used in creating segmented projects. Also includes a large section on design element ideas for you to use in your segmented projects. The Steps to Segmented Project Perfection: Here are 12 points to remember while designing and building a segmented project.
Site Map: Look here to get an overall idea of the content of this site. How to Use the Segmented Project Planner: Here is access to a set of videos that show you how you can use the Segmented Project Planner to design your next segmented project.

Good Turning!

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