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Segmented Turning?

Design your first segmented project in 5 minutes with the Segmented Project Planner

Download Installer / Free 30 day Trial Current Version: 3.05.0049 (03/19/2017) Download Upgrade Installer
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Major Features of the Segmented Project Planner
Calculators( AutoBowl, Incline Angle, Volume)
Color Picker
Designers ( Diamonds, Open Segment, Vertical Spacers, ZigZags)
Design Tools (Describe-A-Shape, Design Assistant, Layer Tuner, Shape-A-Bowl, Sketch-A-Bowl)
Document Generator
Named Colors
Project Resizer
Reports (Project, Cut List, Turned Away, Turning)
RingMaster Support
Segment Designs/Mosaics
Segment Images
Segment Painting
Template Printers (Rings, Segments, Angles)
Videos ( Program Usage, Construction)

Significant Features in the Segmented Project Planner:

  •  Runs on all recent versions of Microsoft Windows including 98/Me/XP/NT/2000/Vista/Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Using Wine 1.3, even Linux is supported.
  •  If you set up a Windows environment on your Mac/iMac, the program will run there as well. See here for details.
  •  Use a simple starter shape to create your own vessel shape in 5 minutes. Use completed projects to make new starter shapes to use in future projects. Use the mouse to draw projects. Over 25 starter shapes provided.
  •  Project Report supports tailoring of content and color of individual columns. Tailoring saved as a part of a project file so each project can have its own tailoring. Color changes also apply to Grid display.
  •  Resizes to use the whole screen so you don't have to squint to see project details. Virtually all dialogs incorporate this resizability feature to help tired eyes.
  •  Base program provides feature ring design support for Diammonds, ZigZags, Mosaics, Open Segment, and Vertical Separaters.
  •  Segmented Scene designer supports 'whole project adornments'.
  •  Slicer designer supports slicing arbitrary patterns.
  •  Diamond Border designer supports slicing diamond figures, ala, Navaho blanket border pattern.
  •  Design Assistant provides multiple design cues to make it easier to design like a professional.
  •  Paint any segment with an image of your choice. 55 wood pictures provided for your use.
  •  Named Colors allow you to create and save color definitions; use them to paint/fill any segment of any project to see the effects of using contrasting woods.
  •  Segment Designs/Mosaics allow you to create compound segments composed of several material types.
  •  Create documentation for your project, complete with pictures, so you won't forget how you did it or what happened along the way
  •  Registered users get free upgrades.
  •  Supports English/Imperial (inches) and Metric (millimeters) units with automatic project conversion between chosen units
  •  Feature Size dialog helps to determine the maximum feature size by accounting for segment corner turnoff, inside visibility, and border material widths.
  •  Describe Shape dialog simplifies creating shapes from a picture, chart, or table.
  •  Shape-A-Bowl allows you to trace shapes from pictures/sketches. It's Sketch-A-Bowl on steroids!
  •  Help file system provides access to additional information for nearly every dialog.
  •  Shape Report creates a report that contains diameters and station points for a displayed shape. This is useful for both segmented and monolithic projects.
  •  Main screen and Layer Tuner dialogs include mouse-click transformation of a project/layer to compound miter, Ring Master, or frame miter style. Individual layer level access provided both in Edit and popup menus.
  •  Current Layer Details dialog provides display and print information about the current layer. The printed copy will be useful when designing feature ring items/adornments in graphic programs outside of the Segmented Project Planner
  •  Combine Layers function facilitates incorporating feature rings into project designs
  •  All project renderings draw project walls using Bezier curves for smooth and graceful project profiles
  •  Supports Ring Master projects
  •  Layer Tuner provides large-view drag-to-change with real-time view update to make the design process easier and more intuitive. "Trim to indicated outer wall" added to Layer Tuner so you can get a better idea of what the finished project will look like.
  •  Calculate side Incline Angles for compound miter or Ring Master situations
  •  Intelligent layer insertion anticipates your next layer size.
  •  Print full ring and/or segment templates to support open segment glue-ups and segment size checking
  •  Gallery View makes it easier to identify projects to work on next
  •  Resize your project just like a photograph
  •  Displays projects with staggered/half-lap or vertical segment alignment. Stagger 50% by default and arbitrary stagger by layer is supported
  •  AutoBowl function automatically translates outer bowl dimensions into layer diameters and segment widths to make design even easier than before.
  •  Copy Layers function quickly copies selected layer input parameters down through one or more layers for faster design.
  •  Export files are created whenever you print so you can use project data in other documents.
  •  Includes 17 free project plans you can use/modify for your own projects
  •  You can conveniently e-mail me from within the Segmented Project Planner. You can include a project file with your message making it easy for me to spot your difficulty and give you help on how to fix a problem
  •  Seven levels of zoom let you get really close and personal with the details of your project
  •  Supports frame miter, stave, solid, veneer and compound miter rings
  •  Calculates segment-cutting dimensions for any size ring with any number of sides so it won't limit what you can plan
  •  Calculates segment dimensions that take your personal accuracy into account so you don't have to worry about adding fudge factors
  •  Calculated dimensions are displayed in units that agree with your stated cutting accuracy
  •  Calculates the size of board needed to make each ring so you don't have to buy/cut more wood than you need
  •  Calculates board length to support either economy or grain matching cutting methods
  •  Displays top and side views of your project so you can see what's going on at every step of your design
  •  Displays overview or detail side views so you can use it to design the entire project
  •  Side view displays include wall placement in each layer
  •  Displays minimum wall thickness for the project so you can avoid walls that are too thin
  •  Enter dimensions in fractional or decimal inches (e.g. 10-1/2 or 10.5) or choose millimeters
  •  A project can have as many layers as desired so you won't be limited
  •  Prints full project specifics along with top & side views to a Windows compatible printer so you can take the output straight to the shop
  •  Calculates the cost of each project layer so you can see what your new project will take out of your pocket
  •  Extensive context sensitive help and on-line user manual so all questions are quickly answered.
  •  It's ambidextrous so you can perform most tasks with either the keyboard or the mouse
  •  Most menu options have hot-key shortcuts so program actions are a single keystroke away
  •  Incorporates Microsoft design guidelines for improved usability.

Software CD - $40.95
USA only
First Class 2 days - 1 week

Still not convinced? Just give me a call. I'll answer all your questions.

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